GE reveals new parts for the ‘world’s largest offshore wind turbine’

GE reveals new parts for the ‘world’s largest offshore wind turbine’

GE Renewable Energy has announced "the first manufactured components" for their Haliade-X 12 megawatt offshore wind turbine. In late July, the company showed the first nacelle for the turbine, which will be shipped to the Netherlands. A nacelle is a shell-like structure containing very important pieces of kit and is placed right behind the turbine's blades.

John Lavelle, the CEO of GE Renewable Energy Offshore Wind, said the firm was “on track to start commercializing this new product very shortly.” The prototype is scheduled to be put together onshore in the Netherlands so that access for testing is simplified.

While the technology continues to develop, so does the size of the wind turbines. MHI Vestas Offshore Wind, a huge player, launched the very first commercially available double digit turbine, the v164-10.0 MW. The turbine has a tip height of 187 meters and 80-meter long blades, weighing close to 40 tons each. The size of these turbines is quite considerable, having the capacity of 12 megawatts. It can create 67 gigawatt hours of annual energy. With this looking to be the largest offshore wind turbine, many are keeping their attention on GE to see how this could become a leader in the renewable energy world.

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