Californian business uses A.I to change the way we think about energy storage

Californian business uses A.I to change the way we think about energy storage

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

There are many renewable energy sources out there, but some are more consistent than others. When collecting energy, you want the stream of power to be constant and predictable. That way, you can start to implement renewable energy as reliable energy storage systems.

Out in California, a company called Stem is using artificial intelligence to assist businesses store energy in a much larger capacity. This will allow businesses to "automate energy cost savings and protect against changing rates", according to Stem. Some of their major customers include the likes of Whole Foods and Adobe.

John Carrington, Stem's CEO, told CNBC's "Sustainable Energy, "It's all cloud-enabled and it's driven by our AI software platform that we call Athena." This allows more control for the businesses when it comes to the costs of energy. They can change the patterns of when they want to spend more or less, depending on the time of day or the changes in weather.

This is crafted to be tailor fitted to the company's specific needs for energy. Daniel Mansson, an associate professor at KTH Royal Institute of Technology said, "The benefits will be when you have a lot of energy storage in teh grid, there needs to be a lot of forecasting and modeling to maximize the power produced....And to coordinate all the storage with all the renewable energy will be very difficult, so the artificial intelligence techniques can be a way of doing this in a more efficient manner."

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