Amazon is working on new renewable energy projects both here and abroad

Amazon is working on new renewable energy projects both here and abroad

Amazon has announced that they are going to be investing quite a lot into building two renewable energy projects both here in the United States and over in Ireland. These projects will begin in early next year.

In Ireland, the plan is to build a wind farm, which will produce roughly 68,000 megawatt hours of energy in a year. For the United States project, which will be built in Virginia, is a solar farm, which will produce around 100,000 megawatt hours of energy in a year. Of course, these are estimates, but they are hoping for great benefits as a result of these new projects.

After these two new projects, Amazon will have increased their number of renewable energy projects to 66. The purpose of these projects is to create enough energy to supply the data centers for Amazon Web Services. Fun fact: they have estimated that by using solar panel power sources, they have offset the carbon dioxide equivalent of over 200 million miles of truck deliveries.

“Major investments in renewable energy are a critical step to address our carbon footprint globally,” Amazon’s director of sustainability, Kara Hurst, said in a statement. “We will continue to invest in these projects, and look forward to additional investments this year and beyond,” Hurst added.

Amazon isn't the only major company to be investing in more renewable energy sources to generate cleaner power. Apple is now seen as the business with the most installed solar power in the United States. Their California headquarters alone is 100% powered by renewable energy.

It's so encouraging to hear and read of companies that have such a large reach can have an even larger impact on our world, by changing how they generate power and reduce their carbon footprint.

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