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Eddie Yaracz   Field Manager

I grew up in rural Pennsylvania until age 18. At that point, I chose to study at the University of Wyoming where I could offer myself the best opportunity to grow and develop as an individual. Four years later, I graduated Summa Cum Laude with my degree in Architectural Engineering. Then decision time came and I chose to travel to the New England region where I could focus on a career in energy efficiency. For me, working in this industry provides constant opportunities to improve our planet, our wallets, and myself. Besides the personal growth aspect, the energy efficiency industry is constantly changing and improving based on technology and our understanding of building science. Each year, Mass Save improves or adds to the program and every day I have the chance to push the bounds of how we

think and what Mass Save can offer in terms of residential efficiency. Along with my work, I have the joy of having settled down with an Amesbury, MA native and raising our daughter to be a productive member of society. At this point, there’s been no greater joy!

Mike McCloskey

I became a licensed energy manager in 2010. Since that time, I have conducted over 2,300 audits. I think it’s fair to say I’ve pretty much seen it all. I love going into people’s homes and uncovering opportunities for energy conservation and helping them live more comfortably in their homes.

Zak Elgart

As an advocate for environmental sustainability, both locally and globally, I really enjoy being able to deliver energy solutions to homeowners that result in greater comfort and efficiency in the home, as well as the benefit that lower consumption has on the quality of air, water and the overall climate. While saving the world is my full-time job, I try to balance that with time spent with friends, family, green-space exploration, surfing and snowboards.

Sam Webb

My passion for energy efficiency started while attending the University of Vermont. As an Environmental Science major, I gravitated to classes like green building science, renewable energy technology and worked a summer installing solar panels.

Matt Gill

Prior to joining Revise Energy this year, much of my experience with energy efficiency, conservation and sustainability came via my roles as a magazine and newspaper editor on Cape Cod and the South Shore. In the early 2000s, I wrote about one of the state's first wind turbines - Hull Wind 1 - and in the years since, I covered numerous conservation efforts from Norwell to Nantucket. I love traveling and meeting new people - and showing them many different ways they can save money and energy.

Aaron Kanter

Brendon Borkman

I became interested in the Mass Save program when I found out that homeowners like myself and others in Massachusetts fund it through a fee in our utility bill. I like to help people take advantage of what’s already theirs, and reducing our state's carbon footprint is a bonus that I’m proud to say I’m a part of.

Daniel Twiraga

I begin my career in energy efficiency in 2010. I put that career on hold in 2012 to pursue another career in law-enforcement. A job related injury forced me to retire in 2018. I was lucky enough to become part of the Revise Energy family, and I was able to bring my knowledge and building science skills to this fantastic company. I am looking forward to meeting all of you future customers to help you make your homes as efficient as possible!

Zach Foley

John Moscatel

Tom Radley

Evan Rebello

As a newcomer in the home energy field, I've gone from being a residential counselor, which brought me pride in knowing I was helping people in their homes, to be able to say I can do the same for Revise with the Mass Save Program.  It is nice to know I can help homeowners become more energy efficient while also helping the environment.  

Zach Leonard

Bill Packer

My dedication for energy efficiency began in 2012 when I started my career as a Community Solar Specialist. When I learned about the Mass Save program, I knew it would be a natural next step. Since then I have received a BPI Certification to help further my education on building science. Having the opportunity to talk to real people, teach them about real science, and help them save real money is what makes this job an amazing experience every day.

Mike Lorenzo

Adam Cohen

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