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Community Partnerships


Mothers Out Front's mission is to build our power as mothers to ensure a livable climate for all children. Below are just a few ways they are carrying that out.

Realizing and Building Power

  • Together, we are powerful and we use our power to move decision makers to take actions that will ensure a healthy environment for all children.

  • We are led by our membership. Leadership and decision making are shared across the movement, and the process and outcomes are made transparent to our members.

  • We build collective and individual power by encouraging personal agency, learning and sharing, innovation and risk-taking.

Building an Inclusive Community

  • We are an inclusive movement where mothers’ voices are front and center.

  • Our work is impactful because we have a strong community built on relationships, kindness, mutual respect, and collaboration.

Working for Climate Justice

  • In all we do, we keep our mission of a livable climate for all children at the center of our work.

  • We lift the voices of those who care for and nurture children so that we are heeded by those in power.

  • We focus resources particularly in those communities who suffer the injustices of climate change and fossil fuel use today and have been historically marginalized.

Persevering with Hope and Urgency

  • We act with urgency because we know that climate change is a critical and  encompassing challenge of our time.

  • We maintain hope by working together on concrete solutions toward a livable climate for all children.

  • We do not give up.


Green Cambridge works to create a more sustainable city and to protect the environment for the health and safety of all.  For over ten years, Green Cambridge has been leading the movement in Cambridge for locally-led sustainability that centers on neighborhoods, communities, and individual empowerment.

We work to:

  • Educate our residents, and perform prototype projects in each of our four program areas of urban agriculture, urban tree canopy, sustainable transportation, and renewable energy. Show by example how these areas are interwoven with each other to support neighborhoods and communities.

  • Engage underserved populations as an important part of all our efforts. Partner with diverse organizations that share our values and goals, including those with whom we do not share the same theory of change.

  • Build coalitions of organizations around our issues, and bind the power of their constituents with ours to achieve shared goals.

  • Advocate for local public policy and legislation that positively impacts care for community, adaptation to climate change, conservation of our shared assets, and restoration of the ecosystem, while respecting diversity.

  • Lead with a message of creating a positive impact on our neighborhoods and communities.

  • Work toward systemic and cultural change that decouples our livelihoods from narrow short-term unsustainable corporate policies in regards to food, transportation, energy systems and ecology.