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Community Partnerships

Mothers Out Front's mission is to build our power as mothers to ensure a livable climate for all children. Below are just a few ways they are carrying that out.

Realizing and Building Power

  • Together, we are powerful and we use our power to move decision makers to take actions that will ensure a healthy environment for all children.

  • We are led by our membership. Leadership and decision making are shared across the movement, and the process and outcomes are made transparent to our members.

  • We build collective and individual power by encouraging personal agency, learning and sharing, innovation and risk-taking.

Building an Inclusive Community

  • We are an inclusive movement where mothers’ voices are front and center.

  • Our work is impactful because we have a strong community built on relationships, kindness, mutual respect, and collaboration.

Working for Climate Justice

  • In all we do, we keep our mission of a livable climate for all children at the center of our work.

  • We lift the voices of those who care for and nurture children so that we are heeded by those in power.

  • We focus resources particularly in those communities who suffer the injustices of climate change and fossil fuel use today and have been historically marginalized.

Persevering with Hope and Urgency

  • We act with urgency because we know that climate change is a critical and  encompassing challenge of our time.

  • We maintain hope by working together on concrete solutions toward a livable climate for all children.

  • We do not give up.