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Columbia Gas Announces Special Incentives for Andover, North Andover & Lawrence Residents

For a limited time, Columbia Gas is providing no-cost insulation and air sealing to customers in Lawrence, Andover and North Andover. To qualify, you must first have a no-cost energy assessment.

To request an energy assessment of your home or business, please call (800)-885-SAVE.

After the assessment you will receive a written report with recommendations for weatherization. If you decide to accept the recommendation, Columbia Gas will pay for the weatherization measures at no-cost to you. This special program is only available for short period of time, so please do not delay in scheduling your home energy assessment.

Columbia Gas is a sponsor of Mass Save©, a statewide collaboration of Massachusetts’ natural gas and electric utilities and energy efficiency service providers, including National Grid.

Revise Energy offers Massachusetts residents, businesses, and communities the opportunity to make energy efficient upgrades through a wide range of services, rebates, incentives, trainings, and information. Mass Save© programs and services are managed and delivered by electric and gas sponsors working closely with the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources.

Impacted customers replacing natural gas equipment

If you are or will be replacing standard efficiency equipment, this is an opportunity to upgrade your heating and water heating equipment to high efficiency, energy saving natural gas equipment. Columbia Gas is offering rebates to help close the gap between the insurance settlement amount and the cost of purchasing high efficiency heating and water heating equipment. Columbia Gas will complete the rebate paperwork for customers.

What is a Home Energy Assessment?

A home energy assessment is the first step to make your home more comfortable and energy efficient.

Step 1: Introduction

Your home energy manager will review your utility bills with you, and discuss your concerns regarding your home's comfort and energy saving.  He or she will outline the products and services you will receive during the energy assessment, and will discuss potential qualifying Mass Save incentives and benefits.

Step 2: Health and Safety Evaluation

Your energy manager will test your heating system, hot water system, and other combustion appliances for any health and safety concerns. They will also look for additional issues such as the presence of asbestos and other hazardous materials, unsafe electrical wiring, mold or mildew buildup, and roof leaks. If there are concerns, your manager will notify you and make recommendations to remediate the issues.

Step 3: Insulation Evaluation

Your energy manager will evaluate your basement, exterior walls and attic for opportunities to upgrade insulation, eliminate drafts, and make sure key areas of your home are properly ventilated. We will also evaluate your windows, exterior doors, and the potential opportunity for solar. After the evaluation is complete, your home energy manager will review all opportunities and connect you with additional resources.

Step 4: Install Instant Savings Measures

As part of the Mass Save program, you are entitled to no-cost Instant Savings Measures. For most homes this includes providing and installing: energy saving LED light bulbs, programmable thermostats, water saving devices and energy saving power strips.


Step 5: Review of Energy Saving Opportunities

Your home energy manager will prepare customized documents for you and explain the benefits and incentives of the Mass Save program. He or she will review how their recommendations can make your home more comfortable while saving money on your energy bills. At the end of the visit, your energy manager will help you take advantage of all rebates and incentives and can even coordinate setting up a time for the work to take place.

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